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Friday, 4 September 2015

Workshop on Science Communication

Amity School of Communication organised a workshop on Science communication in the moot court on 4th of September. It was an informative and interactive session. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Tariq Badar, CSIR Controller S&P. He is a current member of the National Physics Laboratory and is a specialist in the conduction of such workshops.

The workshop began with a presentation on various scientific institutions in India. This was in lieu with the mass communication students in attendance. A small activity involving finding scientific connections in the newspapers kept the students intrigued and amazed by the relevance of science in day to day activities.

There are many things which are unknown to us. Such as, who keeps India’s time? That is to say, the time that we accept as standard time is constantly monitored by the National Physics Laboratory. Many such information was shared keeping the students in awe and in a perpetual state of curiousness.

In conclusion, the director of ASCO gave his address in which he mentioned that many more such workshops will be organised and also openly invited anyone with contacts in the field to invite people willing to organise and conduct such workshops.

The students left the place feeling awed, inspired and a far more interested in science than they were before.

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  1. Thanks for the.post. I as thankful to all the Students & Faculty for their courtesy and attention. I would love to share more on the blog.