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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Workshops on Digital Media Marketing and Audio Production

Amity School of Communication is having a delightful spring. Along with busy schedules of March - April which normally rounds on Internship, course coverage, final project submission, examination, viva, placement etc etc etc., the school successfully conducted two workshops on "Digital and Social Media Marketing" on 11 March 2016 and "Basics of Audio Production and Programming" on 13 April 2016.

Mr Faisal Haq , AVP , Digital Marketing (operations), North India interacting with students and faculty members of ASCO during One Day Workshop on Digital and Social Media Marketing

Mr. Lokesh Gulyani, the resource person is delivering his special lecture on audio production
Faisal Haq , AVP , Digital Marketing (operations), North India was the main speaker on Digital and Social Media Marketing workshop.
The topic of discussion was on digital and social marketing, this interaction session was delivered by Mr. Faisal Haq who shared his vast  knowledge and work experiences among the students and his association with TVF ,YouTube channel and Bigg Boss. He also shared how digital marketing has grown in the present scenario as compared to traditional marketing which has been left behind in these few years by the marketers. As being a marketer, he also discussed why a company uses digital marketing for promotion and creating its image among the people. He said that social marketing is all about content whether in the form of text, visuals, pictures etc., thus creation of content in a creative and unique manner. He also mentioned about various case studies of Flipkart Facebook , Amazon.
Mr. Lokesh Gulyani , Senior Project Manager, Louis Berger Consulting, Jaipur was the key speaker for Audio Production workshop. The topic of discussion was on audio production and programming. Mr. Lokesh Gulyani shared his vast knowledge and experiences to the students on radio journalism and how to produce a radio show. He has also focused on current scenario of radio journalism and gave in hand training to students.
Students attending workshop on Audio Production
Mr Faisal Haq interacts with students during his lecture on Digital and Social Media Marketing