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Thursday, 24 November 2016

ASCO brings AUR's first ever carnival

ASCO let their student to take the class room learning in the ground. Subject of fifth semester Event Management is helping student to implement the theory into practical. On 23rd of November the student of fifth semester conducted a Carnival as a part of their internal assessment. This helped students to learn the basics of Events and how it is carried out in field.
Inauguration of ASCO Carnival by Prof. (Dr.) Manish Verma and by Dean of Student Welfare Mr. Maj Gen C.P. Singh

This carnival included many stalls of games which was named as jackpot, hit the bull’s eye, hit the can, 7ups and down, burst the balloon , mini militia etc. Inaugurated by Dean of Student Welfare Mr. Maj Gen C.P. Singh and ASCO Director Prof (Dr.) Manish Verma, the event attracted students from other department at the venue Amphi Theatre Lawn.

Student of BJ&MC V Semester conducted this event in very planned manner, for promotion of this event they reach out  to different social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. the follower count on Instagram was reported close to 1.6k. The students shed their blood to make it possible and promote the event. Not just the students but the faculty members from the campus also took part in it. Especially at the Photo Booth where one can get their photo clicked and edited. Attractive Props were provided by the Photo Booth. The event grabbed the attention and created an experience.

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